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AEREON releases new suite of standard, low-NOx, and custom design combustion equipment for BioGas markets

November 28, 2017

(AUSTIN, TEXAS) – Nov 28, 2017 – AEREON, a leading supplier of environmentally-compliant air emissions control equipment and services, today announced the release of an expanded catalogue of combustion equipment designed for Biogas applications.

The new product catalogue provides options from simple standard elevated and enclosed flares to higher performance semi-custom vapor combustion units and top-end performance low-NOx units. The broad product options provide end-users with the choice of lower cost and simpler standard products or high-end emissions performance products that have been recognized as Best Available Control Technology (BACT) by many air boards across the U.S.

“As a market leader in the space of air-emission control equipment in many markets, we are excited about extending the product line to give BioGas customers a wider variety of fit-for-purpose options, and providing local service support in all regions to keep our clients compliant in their operations,” said Saeid Rahimian, CEO of AEREON.

The new catalogue of BioGas targeted combustion products includes the MOMENTUM Series elevated flares, GHOST series of enclosed flares with up to 99% DRE performance, and Certified ultra-low Emission Burner (CEB®) for ultra-low NOx and 99.99% DRE.

“AEREON now has one of the most complete combustion product and service offerings in the air-emission control space for the BioGas markets. Combined with a deep engineering team, our simple, effective flares and high-end, ultra-low NOx CEB® units can meet the most basic or stringent environmental requirements as seen in some states such as California,” said Mark Zyskowski, Sr. VP of AEREON.


AEREON, headquartered in Austin, TX, is a global leader in combustion, vapour recovery, and air pollution-control technologies services and equipment for multiple industries. AEREON was formed in 2012 when Flare Industries, LLC acquired Jordan Technologies, and subsequently acquired select assets from Abutec LLC. Under the three brands, AEREON offers the broadest product line of flare systems, enclosed combustion systems/thermal oxidizers, ignition systems and vapour recovery units,. AEREON supplies equipment and services to over 45 countries around the world. For more information, visit