NSPS OOOOa Annual Report due October 31st, 2022

NSPS OOOOa applies to oil and gas facilities constructed, modified or reconstructed after September 18, 2015. The rule controls venting and fugitive emissions of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and methane from oil and gas production, processing, transmission, and storage sectors. The rule has specific emission control standards for various equipment and processes. The rule also has testing, monitoring, recordkeeping and reporting requirements.

This blog addresses the OOOOa annual reporting.

NSPS OOOOa Annual Report Due Date

The NSPS OOOOa annual report is due October 31 each year.

The reporting period is not on a calendar year basis. The reporting period for the report due on October 31, 2022, covers the compliance period of August 2, 2021 – August 1, 2022.

Depending on the State regulatory agency, Part 70/Title V permitted facilities may include the

NSPS OOOO/OOOOa required report in the Part 70/Title V annual reports which is typically due

by March 31 each year covering the previous calendar year. Check with your State regulatory agency and EPA regional office to determine how this can be accomplished.

EPA NSPS OOOOa CEDRI Report Submission

NSPS OOOOa annual reports must be submitted to the EPA via the CEDRI system (see rules in 60.5420a(b)(11)). CEDRI stands for Compliance and Emissions Data Reporting Interface. CEDRI is an EPA online system used to electronically submit reports to EPA based on regulations in 40 CFR Parts 60, 62 and 63.

A user accesses CEDRI using their EPA CDX account. CDX accounts are available for preparers of reports and for report certifiers.

NSPS OOOOa Report Required Form

The Excel spreadsheet named “part_60_subpart_ooooa_-_60.5420ab_annual_report_v3.xlsm” must be used for the submission. The Excel spreadsheet is arranged with a series of tabs where the user will enter data for the various emission sources their facilities.

The user only enters data for facilities and emissions sources that have reporting requirements in NSPS OOOOa. Multiple facilities can be reported in the same spreadsheet. Complete the data for the requirements that apply to your facilities.

The latest version of the required report form is Version 3. This spreadsheet dated 4/8/2021 was available for download from the CEDRI website.

State Environmental Agency NSPS OOOOa Report Submission

Check with your specific State environmental agency on whether a hardcopy or other electronic report format is required. Reporting via the CEDRI system may meet the reporting requirement for some State environmental agencies other State’s require a hardcopy report.


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