Cimarron announces the release of “ARControl™ DUAL ,” the most innovative burner management system to date

ARControl™ DUAL







Cimarron Energy, Inc. (“Cimarron” of “the Company”) is pleased to announce its release of the ARControl™ Dual, the most innovative Burner Management System (BMS) in the marketplace to date.

The ARControl™ Dual was specifically designed to help oil and gas producers operate equipment with dual burners from a single control box (e.g. dual gas production units, dual firetubes heater treaters, dual firetubes heated separators, or any combination of two single firetube heated equipment). Jeff Foster, Chief Executive Officer of Cimarron said, “We are excited to offer our customers the ARControl™ Dual, which was designed to simplify the management of equipment that requires two burners, and reduce both capital and operating expenditures to better serve customers in today’s market.”

There are many innovative aspects to this product. The ARControl™ consists of a unique base product model, contrary to all the other burner management systems sold on the market that require purchasing different models depending on the complexity of the applications. The ARControl™ system was specifically designed to be delivered with all the internal capabilities already in place in the base model, accessible through quick and easy firmware upgrades. From a customer perspective, this means simplifying the management of their fleet of different ignitors and BMS, while also providing the flexibility to repurpose their ARControl™ based on ever-changing needs.

“The ARControl™ system was designed to evolve with our customers,” adds Jeff Foster. “Whether they need a simple and reliable pilot ignition solution, or a superior process and safety control system, our customers can advance their safety needs from the most basic ARControl™ BASE to the most advanced ARControl™ DUAL without having to purchase a new system”.

There are four firmware options available for the ARControl™ system:

  • “Base”: this firmware was designed to operate equipment that require a reliable auto-reignition pilot controller (e.g. combustors and single open flares, …).
  • “Flare”: this firmware offers the same options as the Base firmware, but it can reliably auto-reignite two pilots from a single controller (e.g. dual Hi/Lo flares and dual combustors combo)
  • “BMS”: this firmware offers all the capabilities of a top of the line burner management system such as high pressure and high temperature shutdown capabilities, with multiple input / output combinations (e.g. heater treaters, indirect line heaters, gas production units, dehy regens)
  • “Dual”: this firmware unleashes the full potential of the ARControl™ and gives the ability of two full BMS systems within one controller box (i.e. any combination of two single firetube heated equipment include dual heater treaters and dual gas processing units)

Full SCADA capability, as well as data recording come as a standard in all firmware versions.

You can learn more about the ARControl™ system and its different configurations by visiting

About Cimarron Energy

In addition to the ARControl™ system, the product capabilities of Cimarron cover a complete range of environmental equipment (e.g. vapor recovery units, enclosed combustors and open flares), all of which are used by oil and natural gas operators to reduce venting of greenhouse gasses to comply with voluntary emissions reduction initiatives and/or the EPA’s New Source Performance Standards (“NSPS”) OOOOa requirements. Additionally, the Company’s aftermarket services business provides leak detection and repair services (“LDAR”), which enables compliance with NSPS OOOOa standards and offers total solutions to reduce fugitive emissions.

Cimarron is a Houston, TX based manufacturer of environmental products and production equipment to exploration and production companies, as well as midstream operators, throughout the U.S. and select international regions. The Company manufactures high quality, certified, and code compliant equipment safely and efficiently from facilities in Newcastle, OK, Marlow, OK, Midland, TX, Belpre, OH, Evans, CO, and Wheatridge, CO, and provides a broad range of aftermarket services across all major U.S. basins. For more information on Cimarron, please visit


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