What Is an Enclosed Combustion Device?

Enclosed Combustion Unit

Now that we are seeing the effects of climate change in real-time, it’s time we think about what we can do to mitigate it. And one of the causes of climate change is fugitive emissions and gases released when burning wastes.

Using fossil fuels in an uncontrolled environment is also a leading factor in climate change. Enclosed combustion units are designed to be smokeless and highly efficient, making them more environmentally friendly.

What Is an Enclosed Combustion Unit?

Enclosed combustion units are enclosed devices that are designed to efficiently destroy all the vapors, volatile organic products, and pollutants. They are an excellent alternative for incinerators and vapor recovery units where they are not applicable.

These devices are popular because they don’t have an open flame which makes them safe to operate, they are smokeless and burn very efficiently. They are also very easy to install and simplify the combustion process.

Enclosed combustion units come in different types, sizes, and shapes and can handle various capacities. Depending on the applications and local regulations, different designs exist with different price ranges. They include:

  • Enclosed Combustors (QuadO/Oa)
  • Thermal Incineration Systems
  • Marine Loading Vapor Combustors
  • Certified Ultra-Low Emissions Burner

You need to look at all the features before choosing to get one.

Choosing the Right Combustion Unit

The first step in choosing a combustion unit is knowing precisely what you plan to use it for. It’s better to have the exact specifications you want in mind and get one built by a reliable manufacturer.

Some of the requirements to consider include:

1. Type of Process Gas

Enclosed combustion units are mainly used in various industries to burn waste gas. The unit should be capable of handling high temperatures without getting damaged. If your facility produces corrosive gas, the machinery should be able to handle those pollutants safely.

2. Destruction Efficiency

One of your top priorities when getting an enclosed combustor is the emission and combustion efficiency. Some heavier gas are more complex to burn than others and take longer to be fully combusted. Your combustion system should be able to efficiently destroy all the volatile waste and any leftover residues. It should also meet all requirements set by your state.

3. Energy Consumption

Most enclosed combustion devices are energy efficient and require a little amount of power (usually solar powered) to operate the controls. Therefore, the more energy efficient a combustion unit is, the lower the operating costs.

4. Maintenance

Before getting an enclosed combustion unit, you must ensure that at least one team member is skilled enough to handle one. Not knowing how to operate an enclosed combustion unit can be disastrous and potential lead to severe burns. Luckily, most are easy to use and come with an operation manual.

Finding an Enclosed Combustion Unit Manufacturer

Having an efficient combustion system can significantly improve your factory’s operations. If your business needs enclosed combustors, Cimarron is here to help! Get in touch today to see what we can do for you.

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